Specialist Cranes

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Mast and Crane Rig for Nuclear Decommissioning
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  Energy from Waste Cranes

When a standard crane doesn’t meet your needs, SCX Special Projects can design and build cranes and overhead lifting equipment to your specifications.

Special monorail  

Whether your application calls for a modified off-the-shelf (MOTs) crane or a completely bespoke piece of equipment, you can be sure that our specialist cranes will provide a safe, reliable and complete solution to your handling needs.

SCX Special Projects’ specialised cranes can incorporate any number of advanced features relevant to your requirements, including anti-collision systems, containment with remote control operation, extreme temperature and environment protection, as well as developing bespoke lifting attachments for where a standard hook, grapple or magnet would be inappropriate for unique loads.

In addition, SCX Special Projects can apply automation to vastly improve a system’s operational capability. Single functions can be pre-programmed, where a complex transfer or specific manoeuver would prove difficult to control manually, or entire systems and processes can be automated, synchronising multiple operations or even cranes on a production line.

System monitoring HMI



Sensory functions are often required to enable automated solutions to operate within their changing environments. SCX Special Projects have the means to build systems capable of monitoring and mapping workspaces in real-time 3D so as to prevent collisions during automatic operation, as well as recording and mapping specifications and positions of different loads, automatically identifying specific items selected using touchscreen interfaces.


Nuclear Cranes & Masts

High-integrity cranes and bespoke lifting solutions in compliance with stringent regulations and critical requirements.
Defence & Aviation Cranes Specialist handling systems for the aviation and defence industries, precision engineered for complete safety.
Energy From Waste (EfW) Cranes

Robust, durable, dependable EfW Cranes developed to ensure maximum productivity for your operations.

Automated Cranes From automation of single functions for operator convenience, to synchronisation of entire systems and plant integration to streamline production.

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