Wimbledon Centre Court retractable roof

  Ascor Racecourse moveable turf crossing
  Qatar Retractable Fan Zone Roof
  King's Box Retractable Balustrade Sports City Stadium Saudi Arabia
  Olympic Leaf Wall
  The Sage Theatre Handling Systems

Kinetic Architecture

The technology used to mobilise cranes and create bespoke mechanical handling equipment is actually the same technology behind many elaborate moving structures and mobile sections of buildings.

Wimbledon wireframe model, roof deploy button and batwing

SCX Special Projects' experience with cranes, rails, tracks and bogies, coupled with our automation capabilities, means that even elaborate structures can be mobilised using reliable track and bogie systems. For example, it was the synchronisation of hundreds of individual moving parts coupled with powered end carriages running on static rails that mobilised the Wimbledon Centre Court Retractable Roof.

Our ability to discover and develop a robust, reliable and efficient system in response to your needs, allows you the architect, to realise your most adventurous ideas, while at the same time providing a hugely dependable overall solution.

SCX Special Projects' numerous moving structure installations have covered a variety of unusual applications. From deployment systems for protective coverings, to entire moveable sections of buildings, SCX Special Projects can develop the means to either mobilise existing structures or create new mobile sections that seamlessly integrate into your design.

Concept for Extremely Large Telescope

Concept design for European
Extremely Large Telescope Enclosure crane


SCX Special Projects have designed moving structures for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Sports Stadia

  • Entertainment venues and tourist attractions

  • Private residencies

  • Scientific and engineering research applications

  • Private businesses


Whilst techniques used in previous solutions are transferrable, every new project we undertake is bespoke because our teams are always focused on meeting your specific needs.

Kinetic architecture in practice