Automated Storage and Retrieval Solution

SCX Special Projects designed and installed a bespoke automated handling system to ensure a major paper manufacturer won’t have to cease production during the all-important maintenance of their upstream machinery – a very costly inconvenience when continuous operation is an essential part of your production plant.

The client contacted SCX Special Projects with an idea for a buffer store; the 4 tonne, 80 inch diameter rolls would be held in two previously redundant storage rooms, so that they could then be used in downstream production should the manufacturing process be interrupted either by failure or planned service.

SCX Special Projects designed a system capable of precise storage between two floors, maximising the available space, and then automatically providing retrieval of specific rolls, based on size, age and colour, at the touch of a button.

Automated storage and retrieval system across two floors

The system comprises of two automated 6 tonne cranes, with an accuracy of ±3mm; one for the upper level and the second for a larger lower level store, as well as a bespoke transfer bogie to move the rolls between the two levels.

Due to height restrictions in the upper store, the upper level crane incorporates a bespoke active hook system, using actuators to swing the hooks outward and then sweep them back under the shells at the centre of the rolls. This design allows the roll to sit tighter into the yoke, optimising lift height and allowing the load to clear the other rolls in storage.  

Bespoke active hook system for automated storage retrieval solution

To transfer the rolls to the lower store, the upper level crane lowers them through a trapdoor at the rear of the upper store and onto a specially designed, automated transfer bogie which moves them through to where the second crane is located. 

Transfer bogie for two-level automated storage retrieval system

A touch-screen HMI system controls the operation, recording the exact specification of each roll as they are automatically stored in precise locations, meaning they can then be retrieved based on colour and age, i.e. a first-in first-out system, at the touch of a button.

A fully integrated Castel key exchange system allows individual crane shut down and controlled access to the stores via safety gates.

The operator is also able to view both stores via CCTV system.

A touch-screen HMI to control an automated storage retrieval system

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