MotoSuiveur® motor follower
Hoist Safety Device

The revolutionary MotoSuiveur® failsafe brake from Siguren
is a permissive safety system, which allows only safe operation of the hoist and protects against any mechanical or electrical hoist failures.

Previous safety concerns arising from traditional hoist safety brakes are all solved via the integration of the MotoSuiveur® motor follower device. These issues include:

Annotated sections of the MotoSuiveur hoist safety brake
  • LOAD ARREST - Protection against any hoist mechanism failure, bar the rope

  • OVERSPEED - Protected mechanically and via firmware controls

  • DROP HEIGHT - Load arrested within 30o rotation of the drum

  • OVERLOAD PROTECTION - Allows incorporation of a torque limiter

  • INDEPENDENT RECOVERY - Optional independent recovery mechanism

motor follower
Load arrest motor follower Overspeed


A failsafe mechanical hoist brake, the MotoSuiveur® motor follower consists of a worm and wheel gearbox mounted directly to the hoist drum. The worm is a permissive system which allows the wheel and barrel to rotate at any speed within the hoist’s normal operating parameters. Any large differential acceleration between the worm and wheel will cause the system to mechanically lock, safely arresting the load. This provides mechanical failsafe protection in the event of any electrical or mechanical failure.

Should an arrest situation occur, hydraulic damping of the worm absorbs any impact force, bringing the load to a safe stop within 30o rotation of the drum. Dependant on rope and barrel configurations, this could translate to a load drop of as little as just 15mm before arrest.

The incorporation of a MotoSuiveur® motor follower unit means the reliance on the integrity of the motor, gearbox, drum or shaft is reduced. This allows for the incorporation of a torque limiter between the motor and gearbox which gives mechanical protection against any overload, for example in the event of a snagged load or double

With an arrested load held by the worm and wheel, an optional integrated independent recovery motor is able to drive the worm to remotely recover the arrested load.

MotoSuiveur video

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MotoSuiveur motor follower demonstration kit

We actively encourage our clients to see for themselves how the
innovative design of the MotoSuiveur® motor follower system

has revolutionised the safety of hoist braking.

As well as our demo unit at the SCX Head Office in Sheffield, we
now have a mobile demonstration kit that can come to you.

For more information, or to request a demonstration,
email or call 0114 243 1142.

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