Energy from Waste (EfW) Cranes

West Sussex Energy from Waste (EfW) cranes

Mass production cranes operating in tough, arduous conditions, such as energy from waste (EfW) facilities, need to be robust, durable and dependable, to cope with the stresses of extreme temperatures, dirty atmospheres, continuous or extended duty cycles and high levels of loading.

EfW cranes
SCX Special Projects take Street Crane heavy duty cranes and hoists, with their high duty classifications, fast lifting speeds and extensive lifting heights, and turn them into a complete solution via automation and specialist lifting attachments.

Our high integrity EfW solutions, with their anti-sway capability for high speed operation, generally consist of two-crane installations which can be duty/standby or dual operation. These systems can then be either manually operational, or for increased efficiency, semi-automatic or fully-automatic and incorporating full plant control integration linked to feed demand as well as full data-logging and throughput reporting.

EfW cranes are generally supplied with clamshell or orange peel grabs, but our design capabilities mean that we are able to supply all manner of alternative and bespoke lifting attachments, should you require something unique.

Not only is the final system then safe and reliable, but it can be engineered to your exact requirements, resulting in maximum productivity for your operations.