Automated CranesAutomated crane HMI

SCX Special Projects’ automatic cranes can massively improve the efficiency of your operations.

Whether automating single functions for operator convenience, or creating a full plant-integrated system that or links two or more automatic cranes to work together in tandem and synchronise with up- and/or down-stream production, SCX Special Projects will work with you to determine and provide the biggest benefits to your operational requirements.

Automated cranes are particularly beneficial to the waste-to energy (EfW) and large scale manufacturing (metals processing or paper production) industries, but crane automation can offer numerous efficiency advantages to almost any industry application.

Systems can be created to automatically compute process paths to find optimal routes, linked to throughput, onward processing requirements and multiple crane interactions, meaning that operations can be completed more efficiently than could be achieved manually.

Oman Aluminium Rolling Plant CMS
Wimbledon Retractable Roof
Automated Paper Processing

As well as optimising production, this also reduces human input, freeing up workers for other duties, eliminating load damage through vastly improved positional accuracy and minimising injury from human error or fatigue.

SCX Special Projects are able to create systems capable of recording information about loads e.g. size, age, temperature, materials, colour, etc. as well as positioning, in order to enable the automatic retrieval of the next required product for processing, whether requested via integrated plant control systems or semi-automatically; through a touchscreen HMI.

semi-automated EfW crane HMI screen
Semi-automatic cranes may involve predominantly manual operation but incorporate functions whereby complex or repetitive tasks are automated for efficiency and safety. E.g. a ‘push-to-go’ function to return an EfW load to a hopper, or the completion of a complex transfer at the push of a single button.

In addition to automated cranes, SCX Special Projects produces massively complex moving structures such as retractable stadium roofs, where the hundreds of moveable parts must be synchronised in order for the system to operate.



As with all our solutions, safety is paramount. Sensory functions enable automated solutions to operate within their changing environments; SCX Special Projects have the means to build systems capable of monitoring, mapping and restricting workspaces so as to prevent collisions or unsafe operation, all of which can be displayed as real-time onscreen animations within the control system.

In addition to our in-house control and automation expertise, SCX Special Projects also works with carefully selected partners, Fairfield Control Systems and Moog, in order to ensure the highest levels of quality are met, thereby creating some of the most intelligent and trustworthy solutions available.