Case Studies

Take an in-depth look at some of the previous bespoke solutions created by SCX Special Projects, across a broad spectrum of industries, by clicking the bars below.

As well as those related to your own industry, why not take a look at solutions for others?

Whilst the techniques used in previous solutions are transferrable, every new project we undertake is bespoke because our teams are always focused on meeting your specific needs.


Mast and Crane rig Nuclear COTS Hunterston Wet ILW Winfrith Polar Crane Trawsfynydd Hunterston Nirex Box Bradwell FED Retrieval Crane Nuclear Storage Pond Waste Removal Mast & Gantry Assembly
Wimbledon Ascot Sage Qatar Saudi Balustrade Camden NCPM Pembridge Mews Olympic Leaf Wall
Oman M+W Paper Handling
HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier Cranes MoD High Integrity LPD Cranes Rolls Royce Jet Engine Rotation Bridge Rolls Royce Engine Test Facility 'Red Brick' Engine Cowl Rotation & Air-skate Nuclear Submarine Assembly Crane Wing Rotation Rig for Bombardier Post-furnace Handling System for BAE
Single-Stage Demolition Mast Swiss Re Man Riding Hoist RAT Royal Opera House Albion Wharf Avonmouth Bridge